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Left: Aaron Pallas
Right: Brooke Pallas

Keeping and breeding snakes is not our “living,” it is our passion.

Motor City Reptile is a family business, owned and operated by brothers, Aaron and Brooke Pallas.

Founded in 2011, the name Motor City Reptile pays respect to the automotive industry of south east Michigan. An industry that has supported our family throughout multiple generations and has made this enterprise possible.

Aaron is a 3rd generation manufacturing guru, that has been able to apply his extensive knowledge of efficient production methods to our snake work processes. He is the engine that keeps MCR going, and acts as the CEO, lead snake operator, and maintenance head.

Brooke decided to branch out from the automotive industry and attended Michigan State University, where he became a veterinarian, specializing in the care of exotic animals. His knowledge of genetics, animal reproduction, and animal care, plays a crucial role in keeping our collection healthy and moving MCR’s capabilities forward.

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